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I am a life coach whose aim is to assist in understanding who you truly are and be a guide in your life journey, of discovering what you want to do with your life and who you truly want to become. We will go on an expedition on finding your inner happiness, which will then flow to your outer glow. I want to inspire and guide you by working one on one and giving direction to your personal improvement.

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My journey to finding my true authentic self, lead me to discover my dream of being a life coach. I am a HR professional who loves working with people and being a problem solver.
But I felt like I was not making the impact I needed to make by being of service and fulfilling my fullest potential. I reached a point in my life where I was working a normal 9 to 5 job going home and being a wife and mother. As much as I love my family, I felt like something huge was missing. I asked myself “Is this all there is to my life right now?” So, I started a serious soul-searching process and used the tools that I could find, to give me the answers I was looking for. I read self-help books, I watched hours and hours of motivational videos. I joined groups in my part of town that got me out of my comfort zone and did things I would normally never do. I also invested in myself and went for major trainings and weekend workshops.

It’s interesting what happens when you ask the universe for something. It will always reply as long as you are willing to listen. I found a coach who navigated me through finding what I am good at and how to apply my skills. I found mentors who opened doors for me and helped me start my own business. I was able to not only find my skills but improve on them.
Finding your authentic self is a quest of self-reflection combined with action. It’s not a destination. It is a working progress. It is a beautiful journey of self-discovery which will change all the time, because we have the luxury to change who we are as we please.   
Being authentic means knowing your good, your bad and your ugly and not hiding it. Because no one is perfect. And only in our imperfection are we able to connect to people. Only when we are vulnerable can we learn more about ourselves.

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